Wednesday, May 25, 2011

If I Only Had 24 Hours to Live.....

Taking a quick break from my MYC posts (there are more coming) to finish up a bit of homework for class. This week's assignment includes writing an essay on "If I only had 24 hours to live".

To some, having 24 hours left to live might mean freedom. Freedom to go do things they wanted to but for some reason never found the time to - like sky diving. Or for buying things such as a sports car to enjoy one last thrill. But when I really reflected upon what I would do, it always came back to my loved ones. How could I make this easier on them? I have lived an amazing and complete life and there really isn't anything else I need except to know that my loved ones will be ok without me.

That said, I would probably have a party. I would want to get everyone I loved together and spend those last 24 hours making sure everyone knew how much I loved them. How much they impacted my life. How much I will miss them. So often the only time everyone you love gets together is for a funeral, so I guess this would be a pre-funeral. But I would get to be there and create final memories with everyone who means something to me. I would want it all recorded so if anyone was sad they could look back and watch how in love with life I was and how important the people in my life were to me. After this party, I could go in peace, knowing there was nothing left unsaid, there were no questions in anyone's mind.

Life isn't about the "stuff" you accumulate. It isn't even about the memories, since who knows if you will get to keep them after you die. It is about connecting with someone else and letting that connection carry on after you are gone. To me, that is what life is about. How long your legacy lives on.

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