Bent Yoga is a dream I have that is still in the process of becoming a reality. Being an entrepreneur is who I am, but I have found that building a business is about more than what you can read in a textbook. It is about passion. And not knowing what I was passionate about has stunted every business idea I have attempted to grow.

That changed a few years ago. I had been taking yoga classes casually for a few years on and off when suddenly, something clicked. I began to understand that yoga was not an exercise class, but a lifestyle. And it was a lifestyle that felt...I don't know....just *right* to me. It was about being grateful for what you have, challenging yourself, strengthening your mind as well as your body. I felt the connection to my teachers and the impact they had even after I left the studio. One day I remember thinking "what an awesome thing to be able to do, share this gift with people day in and day out." That idea began to work its way into my sub conscious and within a week I signed up for Yoga Teacher Training.

For the 12 week class and the years since, my life has been completely transformed. It has affected my diet, my stress level, my physical strength, my determination, my beliefs, my relationships, my happiness, and my overall reaction to life. And what better way to combine this passion with my entrepreneurial personality than to open a yoga studio? The more I thought about the idea the more real it became.

So here we are. Starting with just one class a week in a room rented by the hour, Bent Yoga Studio debuted in Sept 2012. At some point, it will be a full blown studio. But for now, I get the gift of sharing this practice with others - many who have never tried yoga before. I couldn't ask for anything better :)

I look forward to practicing with you.

Jennifer Slis, RYT 200