Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Here's a sample of my day yesterday:

3:45am - Wake up to make plane for a 1 day trip to Boston
5:30am - Park car at airport, grab shuttle and navigate security
6:30am - Board plane
7am - Told my connecting airport is grounding everyone due to weather so we wait, unable to leave plane
8:45am - Finally take off for my connecting flight in Philly
10am - Land in Philly and wait for next plane to Boston
12pm - Land in Boston
12:30pm - Finally make it to 11a site survey with the clients
2:30pm - Back at airport. Original flight back through Philly leaves at 6pm so get booked on earlier flight through Washington DC - should get me home by 7:30p (instead of 10pm)
5pm - Land in Washington DC
5:30pm - Wait in Washington DC for delayed flight back to Detroit
6:30pm - Still waiting in Washington DC for delayed flight back to Detroit
7:30pm -  Still waiting in Washington DC for delayed flight back to Detroit
8:30pm - Still waiting in Washington DC for delayed flight back to Detroit
9:30pm - Finally board buses to take us to aircraft about 100 yards away on tarmack
10:15pm - Still sitting in buses in front of aircraft as they check out some issues
10:30pm - Finally board plane home
12:30am - Crash into my bed

Here is what yesterday taught me - this yoga stuff is sinking in. 16 hours of my day were spent either at an airport or on a plane - all for 2 hours of actual client meetings. And never once did I feel agitated about it. My old self wouldn't have made a scene, but I would have been bitchy and impatient. I would have huffed and puffed each time they announced another delay. I would have rolled my eyes or something similarly passively aggressive. But I had a strange calm the entire day. I just went with the flow. It was what it was. It didn't occur to me to regret getting on the earlier flight home - even though it ended up bringing me home even later than had I taken my original flight. I made a choice and I was okay with it - truly okay with it. 

I passed the time doing some yoga homework - thankful for this time where I could catch up since I had fallen behind. I read a book, which felt SO good since I hadn't had time to just read for fun in so long. I listened to music. I people watched and analyzed "beauty" in my own mind (interesting observations - possibly a future blog?). I meditated, which was extremely easy when strapped to a plane seat unable to move anyways.  I barely said two words the entire day besides at the client meeting. I found all of these ways to get in touch with myself that I had been too busy to do recently. This day, instead of being a horrible trial in patience, instead was a blessing. 

I am so thankful for my yoga training. It is changing the way I view every day occurrences for the better. It is giving me the blender to make the lemonade. To take "bad" situations and just live through them, hopefully finding a lesson in there somewhere. I titled this post "B+" because I feel like that is what I earned on the test yesterday. I know we aren't supposed to grade (AKA judge) ourselves but I like to know where I have "got it" and where I have room to grow. If you were to give yourself a grade on how you handled the last difficult situation in your life, what would it be? Would it be a grade you were proud of? Or something maybe you could work a little harder on next time?

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