Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Coincidence, Right? Not So Fast....

For probably about 10 years now, I have noticed more and more unexplainable things happen to me. Skeptics would say I have an awful lot of "coincidences" in my life.

Sometimes it is silly things. I have an addiction to Faygo Orange Sparkling Water. Not many places carry it. One day I was really craving it all day and that afternoon I saw it at Meijer. I got so excited I bought out the stock. Then next time they didn't have it, Then they did. Since then (about 9 months ago) I have an on-going experiment that I am actually writing down: if I remember to think really hard about the water before I go to the store, 90% of the time it has been there. If I just ran in and didn't give it a thought until I was in that isle, 100% of the time it has not been there. I rarely go same day/time each week. Sure, could be coincidence. But seeing as I go to the store every 1-2 weeks that is an awful lot of coincidences!

Sometimes it is a bit more intense. Lately I have been questioning a lot about my ability to be a parent to Alex. Just normal insecurities coupled with the fear that he isn't even mine so if I screw him up it would be much worse. An intuitive friend randomly told me someone with tattoos popped into her mind and expressed extreme love and gratitude towards me. I found out later that Alex's mom (who is deceased) was covered in tattoos. I didn't previously know this so when my friend initially told me I was like "I don't know anyone with tattoos" - so there was no way my friend would have known to say that. But now looking back I like to think maybe it was Alex's mom just trying to let me know she approves of how I am helping to raise her son.

A few nights ago I had a dream about a friend who lives across the country whom I hadn't spoken to in many many months. Probably hadn't seen in about a year and easily been 7 or 8 months since we last communicated at all. The dream was very real, that much I remember, but the details are a bit fuzzy. There was extreme joy and I think we were wedding dress shopping with her. There was something of a wedding feel to the whole dream, although I can't remember the specifics. I woke up knowing I had to contact her, so I sent her a message in the morning just asking her about her life and how things were going. I got a text that night with a picture of an engagement ring on her hand - her boyfriend had proposed 2 days before!

Things like this happen so often to me now that I can't help but have some belief that there is more out than just what we can explain. I am not trying to pinpoint it - saying beyond a shadow of a doubt there are such things as spirits or ESP or that I am bending the universe to my will. But just being open to the possibility that the universe is not random, but rather bringing us what we individually need is very exciting to me. I have stopped trying to find rational explanations and instead, just feel blessed to have witnessed some of the extraordinary things I have. Doesn't matter to me if people label these coincidences or miracles, these are my own experiences only so all that matters to me is how I feel about them.

I just wanted to share because so many people want to believe in things, yet feel like they are a freak if they do. Try being open and not immediately judge or dismiss something. Next time you hear that perfect song on the radio that you really needed to hear - let yourself believe it was put on there just for you. Or when you're thinking about someone and they call - its ok to believe they called because on some subconscious level they knew you needed them. Try living your life for 1 day believing everything you see and hear was created for you. It is a powerful way to live.

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