Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thank You

Dear You,
This blog is about therapy for me. It is me just working through whatever is on my mind, to get it off my shoulders so my friends and family don't have to sit and listen to me constantly analyze every aspect of my life. It is essentially my journal, documenting this life change called Yoga Teacher Training. When I started it, I never really thought about the publicness of it. I just write for me.

However, lately an interesting phenomenon has been happening. I sit down to talk to my friends and they say, "yeah, I read about that in your blog." I meet random people through friends who say "you're the one with the blog!"  I have been getting emails and comments from people I don't know, cheering me on. Relating to me. Appreciating me. It is such a weird feeling, to think about others reading these words I write. To me, I just start typing into a blank white box and, upon hitting "Publish Post" my words get carried into a black hole somewhere. Never really thought about what happens next. But somehow, these posts are finding each of you. 

I just wanted to take a moment to thank each and every person who has read my blog. What started out as a selfish act is now connecting me to people on a level I never knew existed. It is such an amazing feeling, sharing with you all. Some of you share back - in terms of emails, comments, and the like. And I hang on every word because I want to know you as well as you are getting to know me. Some of you just read it and I never know unless you bring it up at some point. Some of you are helping me to grow by passing it onto friends and family. Some of you may read it once and never come back. Whatever group you fall into, thank you. Thank you for giving me a chance to come into your life, whether on a daily basis or for a fleeting moment. I appreciate every single person and hope I can deepen the connection with each of you. 


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